New $25 Two-Week Intro to Improv Course plus $25 Off Your Next Class!

Want to try improv out but not sure if you want a long-term commitment yet?

We get it, and we have some good news for you!

We want to lower the barrier for entry and commitment, so we’ve reconfigured our beginner Improv course to be just TWO WEEKS to dip your toes into the water to find out of you love it or not.

And, if you do love it, we’ll give you a coupon code good for $25 off any of your future classes, so it’s pretty much like getting it for FREE! Just use the form below to sign up!

Improv is amazing for relieving anxiety, professional development, creative projects, and it’s also great for just laughing out loud for an hour and a half each class period. 

Our classes are open and welcoming for people of all ages and all backgrounds, and, thanks to COVID and a healthy dose of “yes-and” we’ve become leading experts in teaching the fundamentals of improv in an online setting!

Scroll down two inches and sign up today!

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