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In-Person Classes in the DC Area in Maryland and Northern Virginia
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Improv Classes

We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Improv Classes across the Washington DC Metro Area. It’s a great way to do meet new people!

New in-person Intro to Improv classes are now enrolling in Annapolis, and Easton in Maryland – and in Reston, Falls Church, Fairfax City, and Mosaic District in Northern Virginia.

Summer Intro to Improv Classes

Ashburn / Loudoun County

Mondays - Condensed Class
July 17 - August 14
(Five Weeks)


One Weekend Intensive Class
Friday June 23 & Saturday June 24
(Six Sessions over Two Days)

Fairfax City / GMU

Saturdays - Condensed Class
July 8 - July 29
(Four Weeks)

Fall Intro to Improv Classes

Ashburn / Loudoun County

September 12 - October 17
(Six Weeks + Showcase)


September 6 - October 11
(Six Weeks + Showcase)

Fairfax City / GMU

September 9 - October 14
(Six Weeks + Showcase)

Reston / Lake Anne Plaza

September 7 -October 12
(Six Weeks + Showcase)

Falls Church

September 11 - October 16
(Six Weeks + Showcase)

Mosaic District

October 2nd - November 14
(Six Weeks + Showcase - off Halloween)

Why Learn Improv?

Anyone Can Learn Improv

You don't need to be a natural comedian. Just say the words 'Yes' + 'And' and you will be able to create an improv scene. From this simple Yes-And foundation, hilarious scenes will emerge. Our training will have you creating successful improv scenes within the very first class!

Improv Helps at Work

The 'Yes-And' philosophy can be applied to the workplace for team building, collaboration, and creativity. Top corporations integrate improv into their training and development programs. We can help your organization discover these useful and fun skills!

Improv Helps with Life

You can meet new people, ease anxiety, and relieve stress after a long day of work.

Improv classes are often referred to as 'Recess for Adults', and 'Cheaper than Therapy'.

Improv Shows

We have regular performances for our classes and troupes!

Improv for the Workplace

Bring some fun to your workplace! We offer workshops for companies and organizations to build teamwork, improve communication skills, and help with team-oriented creativity! 

What Our Students Are Saying:

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