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Learn Improv Online at Home

Virtual Classes Over Zoom

Intro to Improv

5 Virtual Class Sessions Over Zoom

Learn the basics for long-form improv, including listening & agreement, initiating scenes, object work, characters & emotions, and performing a full show. No prior experience needed. 

Tuesdays @ 6pm EST/3pm PST

October 6 to November 10th

Wednesdays @ 8pm EST/5pm PST

Sept 23 to Oct 21

Intermediate and Advanced Online Improv Classes

Already taken Intro to Improv at Reflex or elsewhere? Join us for more advanced challenges in our Zoom classes online!

Intermediate and Advanced Online Classes

6 Virtual Class Sessions Over Zoom

Storytelling Improv

Mondays 8pm Six weeks: September 14 - October 19
Instructor: Dan Brown

Learn narrative and storytelling techniques and formats to create unique, connected improv scenes and shows 


Thursdays 6pm to 7:45pm Six weeks: October 1 - November 5
Instructor: Lauren Morrell

Learn how to develop and star in your own podcast from the hilarious host of ‘The Interview Hour’ during this six week class over Zoom.

Improv Outside

Outdoors, socially distanced six feet with sports cones, and limited class sizes.

Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis: Intro to Improv

Socially distanced 6 feet apart - 12 person max

Saturdays 3PM to 5PM
Six Weeks: September 19 - October 24
Outside of ArtFarm, 111 Chinquapin Round Rd, Annapolis, MD

A class for improv beginners to learn how to start and perform improv scenes. This six week class will be held outdoors next to ArtFarm

Annapolis: The Harold

Socially distanced 6 feet apart - 12 person max

Saturdays TIME 5PM to 7PM
Six Weeks: September 19 - October 24
Outside of ArtFarm, 111 Chinquapin Round Rd, Annapolis, MD

Learn the ultimate in improv formats created by Del Close! Prerequisite: Intro to Improv plus at least one Intermediate Level Class.

Northern Virginia

Open Improv Jam

Socially distanced 6 feet apart - 12 person max

Sundays 3PM to 5PM
Starting Date: TBA
Location: TBA

An open improv jam friendly for beginners and advanced performers. Will be held outdoors near the Dunn Loring Metro Station. 

NOTE: Improv Jam Signups have been moved to the Jams & Events Page

Why Learn Improv?

Anyone Can Learn Improv

You don't need to be a natural comedian. Just say the words 'Yes' + 'And' and you will be able to create an improv scene. From this simple Yes-And foundation, hilarious scenes will emerge. Our training will have you creating successful improv scenes within the very first class!

Improv Helps at Work

The 'Yes-And' philosophy can be applied to the workplace for team building, collaboration, and creativity. Top corporations integrate improv into their training and development programs. We can help your organization discover these useful and fun skills!

Improv Helps with Life

You can meet new people, ease anxiety, and relieve stress after a long day of work.

Improv classes are often referred to as 'Recess for Adults', and 'Cheaper than Therapy'.

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