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including Easton, Annapolis, and Northern Virginia


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Why Learn Improv?

Anyone Can Learn Improv

You don't need to be a natural comedian. Just say the words 'Yes' + 'And' and you will be able to create an improv scene. From this simple Yes-And foundation, hilarious scenes will emerge. Our training will have you creating successful improv scenes within the very first class!

Improv Helps at Work

The 'Yes-And' philosophy can be applied to the workplace for team building, collaboration, and creativity. Top corporations integrate improv into their training and development programs. We can help your organization discover these useful and fun skills!

Improv Helps with Life

You can meet new people, ease anxiety, and relieve stress after a long day of work.

Improv classes are often referred to as 'Recess for Adults', and 'Cheaper than Therapy'.

Pop-Up Improv Classes in the Washington DC Metro Area

Watch this space for the return dates of classes in these areas:

Northern Virginia

  • Dunn Loring / Mosaic
  • Fairfax City
  • Reston
  • Arlington
  • Sterling


  • Annapolis
  • Easton
  • Columbia

Once it is safe to return to in-person classes, we will be practicing Social Distancing and other safety measures for our classes through the remainder of 2020 until it is safe again. 

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Team Building Improv For the Workplace

Improv exercises have been proven to help in the workplace with confidence, teamwork, creativity, breaking down barriers, and boosting company morale.

We can custom design a workshop for your organization's needs.

And it's a lot of fun!!!

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Things said in the moment during improv scenes:

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