Online Improv

Times posted are in the East Coast US Time Zone (Washington DC area).

If you have any problems with the Google sheet, email and let us know which jam you want to join and we’ll put you in.

Jams will be around an hour in length each unless otherwise specified.

Classes & Coaching Sessions are an hour and a half in length unless otherwise specified.


You will need Zoom installed on your computer or device to participate.

Online Jams

Set your improv skills loose in scenes! Jams are Free - but tips are appreciated and will go towards growing the online program via Google ads.
Our weekly Jam Format: Warm-Up Games > Short Scenes > Longform Show
People new to improv are welcome to participate - we'll give you a quick overview so you can play in!

Wednesday Lunch Hour Jam

Noon to 1PM EST

Thursday Improv Jam

9:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST

Online Jam Tip Jar

Jams are free, but if you are able to tip $5 or more, the proceeds will go towards Google ads to promote and grow our online improv classes & jams!

How to Participate in an Online Jam:

  1. Use the links to the Google forms for the jams below to add your name and email to the sign up list.
  2. We’ll need a minimum of 6 participants to run a jam.
  3. A Zoom login link will be emailed to participants on the sign up list approximately 15 minutes before class time. If you don’t receive the link or sign up at the last minute, please email and we’ll send it to you ASAP!
  4. Sign in and play!

Online Classes & Coaching Sessions

Online: Intro to Improv

Sundays: Aug 15 - Sept 26 (6 weeks - no class Labor Day Weekend) - 8pm to 9:30pm

Online Via Zoom

Learn the fundamentals of improv comedy including Yes-And, Got Your Back teamwork, creating characters on the fly, and recognizing and playing with scene game. No acting or comedy experience needed! We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Online: The Bat

Sundays: Aug 15 - Sept 26 (6 weeks - no class Labor Day Weekend) - 6pm to 8:30pm

Online Via Zoom

A Harold in the Dark. Learn how to put together a half hour improv show with voices only. We approach this format like a radio show, complete with commercial breaks. The final showcase of this class will be recorded as a podcast.