Team Building Improv For the Workplace

The easiest way to get people to work together is to get them to play together first.

The BEST ideas can come from the least expected places...

Improv creates an atmosphere where every person is valued and appreciated and know they have a voice.

Introduce your team to the building blocks for creating  improv scenes, including warm-ups to break down barriers and build camaraderie, exercises to inspire top-of-the-head thinking and creativity, and using the concept of Yes-And to  improve listening and agreement. Our program is positive, encouraging, fast-paced, filled with laughter, and the lessons & activities learned can be easily applied to everyday situations at work and in other areas of life.

Improv For the Workplace Workshops

Improv exercises have been proven to help in the workplace with confidence, teamwork, creativity, breaking down barriers, and boosting company morale.

We can custom design a workshop for your organization's needs.

And it's a lot of fun!!!

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