Improv Classes

Beginner Improv Classes:

Start Here!

Intro to Improv

Fridays - March 12 - April 23 (Six Weeks) - 7:30PM EST

Learn the fundamentals of long-form improv online via Zoom! Fridays at 7:30 – Six Weeks – off April 2 for the holiday.

Intermediate Improv Classes:

The Next Steps After Intro

Advanced Improv Classes:

Mastering Improv

Elective & Format Classes:

Learn New Formats!

The Book Club (Pretty Flower format)

Tuesdays, February 16th - March 9th (Four Weeks) at 7pm

Learn the Pretty Flower improv format applied to a Book Club theme for a crazy show fill with cut-to’s and callbacks! Prerequisite: Intro to Improv is recommended,

The Dusty

Class Coming Summer 2021!

Learn The Dusty, a fun, fast-paced, and often very silly format that doesn’t use ‘sweep’ edits – thus things get a little… dusty… 😉 Next session coming this Spring!

Dramatic Improv

Class Coming Summer 2021!

Learn techniques for putting together scenes with the intention of making them more dramatic. The class will finish with a half-hour improvised play. Four Weeks

Outdoors In-Person Improv - Coming Mid-March!

Outdoors, masked, socially distanced six feet with sports cones, and limited class sizes.

Reserve your spot now! Starting after Daylight Savings Time. Space limited to 12 people. Dates are dependent upon current state COVID restrictions.