Improv’ing is the Key to Improving Your Creative Life in Incredible Ways

For a lot of people, the prospect of getting up to speak in front of our peers sounds terrifying – let alone ‘making up’ a presentation as you go.

It’s very unlikely that anyone would agree to present on topics that we haven’t researched – or topics that the crowd has thrown over to us.

Nor would we feel completely comfortable with the prospect of ‘backing up’ our co-presenter, committing to offer positive reinforcement, no matter what he or she said.

And yet if we could do any of the above, we might find that the result is a dramatic improvement in the way we work – and the way that we feel about it. At least according to Brandon Rudd, Co-Founder of Shut the Front Door Improv in London, Ontario.


Improv Has Lessons for Everyone

The art of improv regularly encourages individuals to do all of the above, and around the world, professionals who are brave enough to learn the fundamentals are reaping the rewards.

“I think improv gives you so many skills that come in handy in any discipline or business,” says Brandon.


The Power of Simply Saying “Yes, And…”

“The number one rule of improv is called ‘yes, and,’ and having that in place often times opens a world of creativity, possibility and opportunity to explore what you and your team can do – or even just you as an individual,” Brandon explains.

Essentially, what ‘yes, and,’ means – is that, as a rule, when participants are in the zone of creation, they must never respond negatively to their comrade’s suggestion. For instance, if one partner says, “I’m a tree!” the other must respond with ‘yes, and.’ For example, the response might be, “Yes, and… I’m here to harvest your apples!”