Reflex Improv Curriculum

100 Level Courses - Beginners

No comedy or theater experience necessary.

Level 101 - Intro to Improv

Learn the basics for long-form improv.

200 Level Courses - Intermediate

Prerequisite: Completion of Reflex's Intro class or equivalent improv training elsewhere.
These courses may be taken in any order.

Level 201 - Scenework

Learn how to create deeper, funnier, and more complicated and grounded scenes and formats.

Level 202 - Character

Find new characters, perspectives, and emotional choices to fuel your improv scenes.

Level 203 - Games & Patterns

Hone your Rule of Three's, Heightening, and Pattern Game skills, for use in creating hilarious scenes.

300 Level Courses - Advanced

Prerequisite: Completion of at least two Level 200 classes or equivalent experience.
These courses will include the opportunity for three public performances
These courses may be taken in any order.

Level 301 - Troupe Lab

Put your skills to use in different show formats as part of a performing troupe.

Level 302 - The Harold

Master the pinnacle of improv show formats: The Harold

Level 303 - Narrative & Storytelling

Advanced class creating longer format shows by bringing storytelling and narrative tools to the stage.