Reflex Improv Curriculum

Level 1

Start Here!​

Anyone Can Learn!

Intro to Improv

Learn the fundamentals of improv comedy in this fast-paced, extremely funny, six week course.

The Class wil cover:

Yes-And Listening and Agreement, Got Your Back team support, how to Start Scenes with confidence, using Physicality and Object Work within scenes to create believable environments, spotting opportunities for hilarious Patterns and Game in scenes, creating Characters and new perspectives for yourself on the spot, using Show Openings to brainstorm ideas to use in scenes,
putting together a full improv Showcase working with a troupe.

The benefits of learning improv:

Level 2

Explore improv deeper...​

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1

Intermediate Improv

Dig deeper to create new characters!

The Class wil cover:

Level 3

Master your improv skills!

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 2

Advanced Improv

Learn techniques for using narrative storytelling in improv. 

Level 4

Formats and Skills just for fun!

Recommended for Advanced Improvisers


The Pretty Flower format starts with a hub base scene, from which scenes spin out into different ‘petals’ from, always eventually returning to the base scene. Fun and crazy scenes emerge from this fast paced format!