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Click the class buttons under the date in the column column. This will take you to a Google spreadsheet – put your name and email address under the class heading you wish to take. We will email the Zoom room code approximately 15 minutes before the class start time. If you want to join at the last minute, we’ll also post the Zoom code to the right under NEXT UP shortly before the class starts. Times posted are in the East Coast US Time Zone (Washington DC area). 

If you have any problems with the Google sheet, email and let us know which classes you want to join and we’ll put you in.

Classes will be around an hour and a half in length each unless otherwise specified.  

If you’d like to help us as we navigate through these social distancing times, below are a few suggestions.

Ways to Help Keep Reflex Improv Going:

If you enjoyed the online classes, throw a tip into our online hat!
Pay tuition for future in-person classes for yourself, friends and family. Use at any time after Stay-at-Home guidance has been safely lifted.
In addition to teaching improv and running Reflex, Dan Brown is an accomplished freelance web designer, graphic designer, and videographer. Hire him!
Our best advertisement is word of mouth! Let friends know about the online classes and the in-person classes so we can sell out semesters once we can return!

June 28th - July 4th

Next Up:

We're taking the week off! 
See everyone after July 4th!!!

Have a Great 4th of July Holiday!!!

Class Guide

Beginners welcome and open to anyone, whether you are new to improv or want to get a more practice with the fundamentals. 

Open to anyone who has finished the Intro class, understands the fundamentals like Yes-And, and is ready to learn more.

Coming Soon!
These classes are multi-session and have a tuition.

Online Shows

The Bat Shows (Friday Nights)

(The Bat is a voice only improv format)

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