Annapolis: The Armando

Annapolis: The Armando

Day of the Week: Wednesdays

Dates: April 28 - June 2 (six weeks) at 7:30pm

Location: Annapolis, MD

Six week outdoors classes in Annapolis, MD. Location will be the ArtFarm parking lot, 111 Chinquapin Round Rd.  

Learn The Armando format, which starts off with a monologist riffing off of the word from the audience with tangental stories and anecdotes that spin off in a variety of directions, and followed by a detailed series of improv scenes that build off of the opening and each other. 

All classes for this term will be socially distanced (marked with sports cones), masked, and limited to fifteen people. Tuesdays from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.

Recommended for intermediate level improvisers.

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