Bringing the Joy of Improv to EVERYONE!

 Beyond the major cities, quality improv instruction can be difficult to find. Reflex Improv is bringing long-form improv training, performances, and workplace workshops anywhere and everywhere!


Anyone can join our rolling Open Class at any time!


Within six class sessions, you'll pick up the core improv basics.  Not sure if it's for you?
Drop in on a class to try it out for a week!


We are able to teach just about anyone to perform hilarious scenes in just a few weeks! Once you get the basics down, further your skills with advanced character work, scene work, and formats.


We also specialize in bringing the Yes-And principles of improv training to workplaces. Build your team's communications, collaboration, and creativity while having a blast!


Now enrolling classes in Reston VA, Fairfax VA, Rockville, MD and Annapolis MD.


Like to host a class in your neighborhood? Please get in touch!

Anyone Can Learn Improv!

The skills needed to perform improv are easy to pick up. No need to be a natural comedian! Just say the words 'YES' & 'AND' and you're most of the way there! From this simple foundation, great scenes emerge magically. Our training will have you and your friends creating characters and hilarious scenes in the very first class!

Improv Makes Work More Fun!

The same YES-AND principles for creating great scenes can be used for team building and creativity in the workplace. Top corporations have integrated improv into their training and development programs. We can help your organization discover these principles while also having a massive amount of fun in our Improv for Business Workshops.

Improv Makes Life More Fun!

Learning improv is a blast! You will meet new people, ease anxiety, relieve stress after a long day of work, and be completely 'in-the-moment'. Improv classes are often referred to as 'Recess for Adults', 'Yoga for the Mind', and 'Cheaper than Therapy'. We guarantee you will laugh often during each and every class session!

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What Our Students are Saying...

"I started taking improv classes just for fun -- the bonuses are that I feel more confident thinking on my feet at work and am a better, more supportive teammate." -Mike
"As a newbie, I experienced a warm welcome, energizing rounds of verbal play, and the wonderful combination of fear and fun!" -Freddie
"Does two straight hours of laughter qualify as a core workout?" -K
"It's a tremendous stress reliever and unbelievably fun. The instructors and fellow group members are inclusive, creative and wickedly funny! I don't think I have ever laughed so hard." -Gayle
"A creative, developmental play-date for adults!" -Susan
"Every week, it's two hours of laughing, while challenging myself creatively at the same time. I've walked into improv class in a variety of moods, but I've only walked out of improv class in a great mood" -Chris
"Improv classes are an absolute blast. They are the perfect stress relief after a long day of work. Dan and Lauren are great instructors. I've started viewing my classmates as my 'Thursday family'" -Mike
"As someone who took the class to lessen social anxiety, I am finding that it's easier to navigate work interactions, handle sticky interpersonal issues, and bridge new social connections. Many people have commented that improv is our weekly therapy. Thanks Lauren and Dan!" -Reston Student
"Reflex Improv helped me find and use my authentic voice with grace and ease. Lauren & Dan created a safe, fun, environment to not only learn how to be present and think on my feet... but to also laugh and have fun!" -Judy
"Improv class is helping me learn to stay in the moment, accept and build off what the other person says even if I don't agree, and be more spontaneous -- great for both work and home!" -Gayle

Intro to Improv Workshops
@ ArtFarm Annapolis

Saturday December 9th
Saturday December 16th

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Take Improv for a Test Drive!
Register for our FREE Intro to Improv Workshop at ArtFarm Annapolis
located at 45 West St. in Downtown Annapolis!
Class size is limited to 15!

December 9th Registration

December 16th Registration

Winter Classes

Winter Class Registration for
Reston, Mosaic, Rockville, Annapolis, and Bailey's Crossroads
will be posted soon!

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Upcoming Class & Show Schedule:


Nov 12


Oct 13


Nov 14


Nov 15



Nov 16

Reston: 7:30 to 9:30

1615 Washington Plaza Lake Anne Center


Nov 17


Nov 18

Annapolis: 5:30 to 7:30

351 Dubois Rd.
Annapolis, MD


Nov 19


Nov 20


Nov 21


Nov 22



Nov 23



Nov 24

Reston: 7pm to 10pm

Showcase at Cafe Montmartre @Lake Anne Plaza in Reston


Nov 25


Our Next Show is November 24th at Café Montmartre!